Redescovering the Road: Maps in R

R maps

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Sentiment Analysis, Twitter and R

Within the Data Science and Analytic Higher Diploma, I have been asked:

“Research an area of sentiment analysis that is of interest to you. Describe the process that is required to implement the analysis and how you would do this.”

So I through myself to research using ‘Google’ some information about Sentiment Analysis and I found this Youtube video that explains how to use R and Twitter to do some Sentiment Analysis.

Personally I think Michael Herman┬ádid a fair job with this video; however, it was published on 2012 – therefore with different changes going on in Youtube and new R versions, the code provided show various errors.

So, after playing around with the code provided in the video and doing some searches I successfully analysed some data.

Here is my R code for the Sentiment Analysis proposed by Michael: Read more